Frequently Asked Questions

Can ITOA sell my product or can ITOA promote my product to its members?

A. The ITOA is not a marketing group nor does it provide a central platform for the selling or marketing of tourism product to its members other than through attendance at its annually organised workshops.

Each member of the ITOA operates business for clients in different markets. Therefore, if you wish to sell your product effectively to ITOA members, you should research them using the ITOA Members List and profiles provided therein.

Can I become a Member of ITOA if I’m not a Handling Agent, Inbound Tour Operators, DMC or PCO?

No. Membership of ITOA is specifically for companies who operate and provide the services of an inbound operators – see ITOA Membership. You don’t have to be a member of ITOA to attend their annual workshops.

How do I promote or sell my business to ITOA members?

Attending our ITOA Workshops is an ideal way to do this. However, before you contact ITOA members or attend our workshops you should understand the travel trade distribution channel and what ITOA members will require from your product in order to effectively sell or promote it on your behalf. It may be the case that your product is not suitable for all ITOA members or may meet their client requirements in a variety of ways. Do your research in advance of contacting members, have your presentation tailored to meet their needs, and have your rates for the following year ready to present.

As an Overseas Buyer, how do I choose the right company that suits my requirements?

Review our full list of members or use the search facility that allows you to search by service type and language provided.