Membership Upgrade

We are currently upgrading the ITOA website and expanding on the features available. This also includes an update to the Members listing. To maximise your visibility and get the most out of your listing please re-submit your listing using the following form. Note, we will be reviewing each listing before publishing it on the ITOA website.

1Company Details
2Second Listing
3Third Listing
  • e.g. John Doe Travel
  • Limit your description to 500 characters, plain text only. Your company profile (description) should give visitors a full understanding about your business remembering that there will be a variety of browsers including potential overseas clients as well as Irish suppliers, so try to be specific in tailoring your description to include how long your established in business, the primary markets in which you promote and work in and the type of business categories you provide services for i.e. leisure group and individual and/or business tourism etc.
  • Enter Primary Office (HQ) address
  • If there is another branch / address please enter address here.
  • Enter the name of the primary contact person here.
    (An additional name can be added below)
  • Additional contact name
  • your corporate email address : eg.
  • Optional other email address : eg.
  • This link must be main website address Home/Landing page starting with 'https' or 'http'. The easiest way to do this is to go to your website and copy and paste the URL into this field.
  • Enter International format eg. 00353 1 234 5678
  • eg. Lo-call number
  • eg. Lo-call number
  • Primary fax number in International format
  • i.e. ASTA, SITE, AIPCI, DCB etc etc