What is the Gathering Ireland 2013?

The Gathering year of 2013 in Ireland is a celebration of all that we the Irish are renowned for worldwide, our culture, heritage and having a party!  All are welcome,  as indeed you are any time, any year but in 2013 we’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting visitors to have a truly great experience when you choose to come home and visit relatives and friends or simply have always wanted to come to Ireland.

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Everyone in Ireland knows about the Gathering in 2013 and every part of the island is planning their own gathering celebration to invite people from overseas to participate in.  While there are 70 million people around the world with Irish ancestry and the gathering is an opportunity to have them come home to Ireland in 2013,  it’s also a yearlong event that holiday makers and visitors can experience really great events and festivals, many that happen on an annual basis but this year will have an extra special Gathering element for everyone to enjoy and be a part of while you’re here.


ITOA Members – Your Gathering Ireland 2013 Travel Advisers

ITOA members have been actively involved in developing Gathering 2013 events and programs.  So if you’re planning your own Gathering in Ireland next year to meet friends and family or want to bring your business tourism event to Ireland then we’re here to provide you with ground arrangements and packages that will ensure you’re  ‘a part of it’.

We’ve put together an ITOA members Gathering Ireland directory  with some of the key Gathering type of events that members can assist you with.

So don’t miss your chance to be ‘a part of the Gathering Ireland 2013’ – it will be a year to remember…..

For further information on The Gathering 2013 see http://www.thegatheringireland.com