ITOA Workshops – Registration Terms & Conditions

Registrations for ITOA Workshops are accepted on a first come basis only per session and location.  In registering for these events, you are doing so on the basis that they may operate on a live or virtual basis. Refunds will not be provided on the basis of changing the delivery platform, format and date offered.  ITOA have licensed CONVERVE as the operating system for these events.  In registering for ITOA Workshops you are agreeing to your contact details being captured by Converve for the ITOA workshops only and for those business contact details to be shared only with ITOA and its members for the purpose of attending and participation in the ITOA Workshops, and for notification of future similar events.

In the unlikely event that external environments change i.e. public health issues, weather events causing disruption to travel or such acts of God and it is deemed not possible to commit to running the workshops safely in a ‘live’ format, ITOA reserve the right to operate the events virtually via the Converve system.    In such a case ITOA reserve the right to alter the event format and/or change the date in March of your registration/participation without penalty or refund.  The criteria used to change workshop date will be on the basis of existing location registration sessions being provided and on a  first come first serve i.e. bookings will be sorted by date and time of booking up to the maximum number possible for an appointment based workshop for each day to facilitate the optimum number of appointments for suppliers and buyers.


Registration for the workshops will be based on credit/debit card payment at the time of registration.  It will not be possible to accept any bookings without payment at the time of on-line registration unless agreed in advance with ITOA subject to a written request by email to

Event Registration/Booking Change Request

Event Date : ITOA cannot guarantee any change request for registered dates or session booked.  However, such requests will be accepted by email only to for consideration subject to availability.

Attendee:  Every effort will be made to accommodate the alteration of person/s attending the event.  However, the following should be noted:

Live Events:  For the purpose of badge/registration processing for the workshops, names changes can only be made 3 working days in advance of the event.  If changes are required on or after 3 working days prior to the event, they will be facilitated without change to registration details & badges. In the event of the workshops having to be virtual the emails of existing registrants will be used to provide access to the Converve system to issue password access.  It will not be possible to alter the email username and password to the Converve system at any time post registration (in the event of this is a requirement when booking online) and delegates will be required to get these details from the registered delegate of the business as the Converve system or ITOA, under GDPR cannot disclose such details to an alternate representative designated or otherwise.   Any alteration to this will be based on the user platform (converve) direction

Registration confirmation:

Once registration is completed, the registrant will receive an email confirmation and payment receipt.

Refunds & Cancellations:

Cancellations will be accepted without penalty up to January 27th 2024.  Such cancellations must be notified in writing to stating details of the booking and the booking reference number.  Refunds will be processed to the Credit/Debit card provided less €20 administration fee.

Thereafter strictly no refunds on cancellation/s.

Virtual Event: Cancellation of attendance and pre-registered appointments for virtual workshops can be made up to the date of the event without refund and delegates should process such cancelations directly on the system.  Alternative representatives can be facilitated to fulfil pre-scheduled appointments for virtual workshops, with names changes to be managed directly on the Converve system through the registered username email and password provided on registration.  Further guidance is available on the registration platform.

General Terms

ITOA reserves the right to alter/change registrations at its discretion subject to the noted Act of God events and in-line with Government regulations and advice.

ITOA does not guarantee meetings or appointments with its members for workshops operated live or virtual which are subject to availability at all times.

All delegates and attendees at ITOA workshops have a personal responsibility to protect their health and well-being and that of others in attendance.  Adherence to any prevailing Government guidance will be implemented.