Q. How Do I Register For Workshops?

A. Online registration opens in shortly for next years events.  When live, simply click on the BOOK NOW icon on this page or  workshop section main page and follow the on-screen instructions. Complete all of the required fields in each section and, once your application is processed, you will receive an e-mail confirming you booking details and payment receipt/invoice.

Please note that you must retain the e-mail confirmation as this will be your record of registration. Payment can be made by credit card only when registering online.  Receipt/invoice of payment will be attached to your ebooking booking confirmation forwared to the  e-mail advised in registration – we do not re-issue invoices. We recommend you save the invoice attached to your confirmation email or to locate use the inbox search feature ref: ITOA Workshop 2023.

Q. What Is The Cost Of Attending A Workshop?

A. The fee for attending a live session or virtual ITOA Workshop is €295.00 plus VAT @ 23% per person. Early bookings are essential as registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis only through our on-line booking system.  Registration remains open until the capacity of each workshop is reached and no later than February 23rd 2023 for the Limerick Workshop and March 2nd for the Dublin Workshop  or earlier if capacity is reached. Terms and Conditions apply and are available to review when registering on-line and on the workshop page on ITOA website.  Payment by VISA or Mastercard credit or debit cards accepted.

Q. What Is The Format Of Each Workshop?

Attending delegates can attend one Workshop venue and one session in the morning or afternoon. A maximum of two representatives from any one company may attend.

ITOA members will attend all Workshops, so there is no difference no matter which Workshop or session  you choose.  Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland will also participate with representatives available to meet with industry too during the working sessions

During the workshops, ITOA memebrs will be seated at desks and are available for individual discussions with product suppliers.  There are no fixed appointments, the Workshops are open session so ITOA memebrs will be available to all registrants for 8 minute appointments.

In keeping iwth ITOA’s sustainability policy we will not be printing material for the Workshops.  A PDF catelogue of  of ITOA member attendees will be provided by email in advance with company profiles and contact details.


  • Morning Session:   Registration from 7.45 am, Workshop starting at 8.30 am – 12 Noon followed by lunch from 12.05 – 13.15 pn
  • Afternoon Session: Registratin from 11.30 am, Lunch at 12.05, Workshop starting at 13.30 – 17.00
  • Open Session – 8 Minute Appointments
  • A maximum of two representatives from one company per workshop session
  • ITOA member representatives will be at individual tables
  • Networking lunch – continue to meet ITOA members and colleagues

ITOA will continue to communicate with registered delegates by email so please be sure to look out for our email communications following registration.  Be sure to save this email to your favourites and forward any queries in advance of the workshops to workshop@itoa-ireland.com 

Q. Why Should I Attend An ITOA Workshop?

Our workshops offer the Irish industry suppliers a unique sales opportunity to promote their product to ITOA members who contract on behalf of and represent 4,000 international trade contacts. These partners include:

  • International tour operators and wholesalers
  • Group organisers – shared and special interest ad hoc groups
  • Major retail travel groups
  • Operators and planners of conference, incentive and corporate meeting events

 ITOA members promotes and packages every aspect of the tourism product to market and sell to existing and potentially new overseas partners.  ITOA companies invest significant time and resources in their core overseas markets with many having full-time staff or representation in-market to source new business opportinities and service existing partners.  Therefore they have a strong existing client base with the market intelligence that enables them to constantly innovate and deliver Irish packaged product experience to meet consumer desires and interests.  There is a variety of business types and categories delivered by ITOA members and one meeting with one member could provide your business with the opportunity of winning leisure group and FIT as well as incentive, corporate meeting and conference business.

ITOA members have experienced a strong recovery in 2022 with demand outweighing supply.  Almost all members will have delivered 75% plus of 2019 business levels and already have a strong pipeline of business for 2023 & 2024 equivalent to €1 billion of revenue and potentially €1.3 million leisure and business tourism visitors.  Most importantly,  ITOA members deliver sustainable high value visitors because our international clients stay longer, visit more regions and therefore spend more in the national tourism economy.

Our workshops also safe you time and money as they provide one location in which to meet with 36 of Ireland’s leading Tour Operators – just think of the time and carbon saved instead of going from office to office!

Q. Who Will Be There?

A. All ITOA members attend all our Workshops, so no matter which date you choose you will get the same opportunities and meetings at each event.  ITOA members profiles are available on ITOA’s website and a digital Workshop Catelogue will be available prior to the Workshops.

Q. Who Should Attend?

A. Sales personnel, general managers, proprietors or owners of tourism enterprises, accommodation providers (whether hotels, castles, manors, country houses guest houses or B&Bs), restaurants and bars, entertainment venues and providers, visitor attractions, transport providers, and organisers of special activity or outdoor pursuits.

Q. What Should I Bring?

As little as possible in terms of printed material please!  Many people have not gotten QR code business cards and bring your presentation on a laptop or ipad works really well – just ensure you have it fully powered up to last the morning or afternoon !!  Rates are important too but all important is the follow up communciation to provide these and the inforamtion discussed at your meetyings.

Q. What Should I Do In Advance Of The Workshop?

 Review our membership profiles on our website and the catelogue that will be provided in advance of the Workshop.  Familiarize yourself with the business they do and consider how your product can be promoted or included in their business portfolio.

If you have partnered with ITOA previously, review your business relationship details and consider the opportunities to grow that business.  Have your 2024 tour Operator/DMC rates ready and uploaded on the converve system along with business T&C’s and other information that you deem important.  Sustainability is a key pillar of tourism and ITOA members consideration for future business.  So be sure you can share the sustainability policy or features of your business so that ITOA members can share this information with their overseas partners.

Q: How Can I Make The Most Of My Workshop?

A. Be prepared, use your time wisely, listen as well as presenting and selling your product. Make notes during your meeting as this will assist you in following up after the workshop appointment with each ITOA member. Follow up is essential after the workshop to ensure that you make the most of your attendance at the event.  And keep in touch – one workshop or meeting should lead to longer term relationship and business partnership!